[YGLIFE] 140514 WIN’s TEAM B, B.I. & BOBBY, to Participate in ‘Show Me the Money 3’… Expectations Rising

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[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] The members of WIN’s TEAM B, B.I. and BOBBY, decided to join Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 3’, a survival program for rappers.

Multiple sources from broadcasting companies told Star News that B.I. and BOBBY will participate in ‘Show Me the Money 3’ as rookie rappers.

BOBBY (19) and B.I. (18) were in TEAM B at ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’, a survival program for YG Entertainment’s rookie boy groups, which was aired last year. On the show, TEAM B (B.I., BOBBY, KIM JIN HWAN, KIM DONG HYUK, KOO JUN HOE and SONG YUN HYEONG) had fierce competition with TEAM A (KANG SEUNG YOON, LEE SEUNG HOON, SONG MIN HO, KIM JIN WOO and NAM TAE HYUN).

At that time, as TEAM B lost the competition to TEAM A, TEAM A earned opportunity to officially debut with the name ‘WINNER’. However, TEAM B’s rappers, BOBBY and B.I. also drew fans’ attention showing their excellent rapping.

According to information that Star News discovered, BOBBY and B.I. have been training hard with TEAM B’s members even after they lost to TEAM A at ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’.

While training, BOBBY and B.I. thought that ‘Show Me the Money 3’ would be an opportunity to upgrade their rapping skills and decided to join the show as rookie rappers.

BOBBY and B.I. reportedly showed their determination to compete with other contestants of ‘Show Me the Money 3’ only through their own ability not through the support from their agency, YG.

Fans are already taking interest in how BOBBY and B.I. will perform at ‘Show Me the Money 3’, which will be first aired in July.

Meanwhile, ‘Show Me the Money 3’ has already confirmed the show’s four final producer teams: Tablo & Masta Wu, Dok2 & The Quiett, San E & Swings, and Yang Dong Geun. They will discover rookie rappers themselves by joining the preliminary and main round of the audition. As all the producers from the four teams are musicians with unique characteristics, the rookie rappers who will work with them are also expected to show their unique charms.

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credit: YG LIFE

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