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‘쇼미더머니3’ B.I&바비, 아이돌 편견을 깬 무대 주목

[OSEN=김사라 기자] YG Entertainment’s B.I and BOBBY from B TEAM are arousing much attention with their performance that breaks away from typical idols from large agencies.

B.I, who was beginning to lose confidence from forgetting the lyrics since the preliminary round, consolation match and solo performance mission, showcased a dynamic and perfect performance “BE I” on the first mission of “Show Me The Money 3” aired on Mnet on August 7.

B.I’s performance began by showing the past videos where he makes mistakes. Through this he shows his determination to not repeat the mistakes again. He quickly moved on to engage with the audience to showcase his real talents, looking comfortable. Until now he was unable to unleash his talent as he kept forgetting lyrics in front of the unfamiliar audience, but this time his rapping was clearer than ever, and was more than excellent at conveying his emotions in the lyrics.

Olltii, who criticized B.I and BOBBY in the previous week, thanked them for letting him see “their real hiphop” and added that the two broke a stereotype of “idols receiving extra points.” TABLO and Master Wu also showed full satisfaction for the two performers.

Internet users who watched B.I commented, “His potential is unleashed,” “Couldn’t take my eyes off,” and “Good to see him confident.”

On the other hand, BOBBY, who is known for dynamic rapping and relaxed attitude, deliberately chose The Quiett and Dok2 who are not from his agency to break away from the typical image of an idol.

BOBBY steers away from the “trained” idol rappers who follow certain rhythms and gestures, but creates his own and adds his style of rapping, completely enjoying the stage. In the solo performance of “I’m ill” in the previous week, he left the audience awe-struck with these incredible features.

All eyes on are BOBBY, who is showing an incredible capacity despite young age, to see what he will showcase in the following week on “Show Me The Money 3.”

2014. 8. 8.


Source: YG Life

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