[INTERVIEW] iKON for andGIRL JPN Magazine Feb Issue

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Members introduction
B.I: Charismatic leader that leads iKON.
Junhoe: A singer that is fixated in power bass vocal.
Donghyuk: A prominent singer that put in outstanding effort.
Jinhwan:A crybaby who has a sweet attractive voice.
Yunhyeong: A pampered singer is who undergoing evolution.
Chanwoo: iKON cutie maknae.
Bobby: Goofy moodmaker in the team.

Interviewer: Just like this, using the young age power to head towards to summit in the music industry!

Heard it’s your first time appearing in AndGirl before debut. It’s your first time and it’s at AndGirl, i’m really thankful for it!
All members: Do give lots of advices!

Everyone seems very lively
Bobby: It’s because final match just ended. Ah, i’m incharge of rapper in the group. The charming point is my smile!
B.I: I’m iKON’s leader B.I.
Bobby: I do take part in writing lyrics for the rap portion. B.I is responsible for the song and the lyrics.
B.I: There’s much more fast-paced song but i’m adept in ballads. (enjoy expressing emotions). Everything comes from my imaginations.
Bobby: Because B.I doesn’t have a girlfriend, he can only use his imaginations. *laughs*
Members: Hahahaha!
Jinhwan: I’m Jinhwan. A sexy voice that is suitable to listen at night!
Bobby: His height is a charming point too.
B.I: Jinhwan hyung is very cute. *laughs*
Chanwoo: Ah hahaha. I’m the youngest among everyone, 16 years old Chanwoo.
Donghyuk: Gentle voice is what i expertise in.
Yunhyeong: My voice may be sweet, but in reality i’m a passionate man. I give my best at all times.

Can you tell the story of how this group is being formed?—
B.I: Last year, (2013) we particicpate in a survival show <WIN: WHO IS NEXT>. Me, Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhoe, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk, the 6 of us, adding Chanwoo who is the winner of the new program <MIX&MATCH> and it became a 7 member group. There’s soulful/emotional songs, but the basic is still hiphop.
Bobby: There’s alot of hiphop artists, but we want to be a hiphop artists that has never been shown before in the entire generation.
B.I: Because we are still young, we managed to put up a strong and energetic show. Being able to sing and stand on such a huge stage, we are very thankful to Bigbang sunbaenims. In future, we want to exhibit our best attitude too.

Indeed have shown a professional awareness on the finale stage. Which singer is your role model?—
Bobby: Michael Jackson and Queen. We also wish to become the world legend well-known figures. It’s good to dream big, want to gain the American Music Grammy Awards. To hold a dome tour in jpan, attaining 1st in Oricon Charts.

Is there any places in Japan that you like or desire to go?—
Chanwoo: Disneyland.
Bobby: Chanwoo is indeed still a kid. *laughs* I’ve watch japan drama, wish to ride the subway to Tokyo.
Jinhwan: I love japan drama too! Especially “Operation Love”, it’s very interesting.
Donghyuk: Eh, i watched it before it. Members all love it.

Everyone seem to have some knowlege about Japan. Do say some words to your japanese fans!—
Yunhyeong: To debut, we have been practising non-stop. Wishing to show everyone more performances. Do look forward to it.
Donghyuk: We will work hard to become iKON and hold our own tour in japan. Please wait for us!
Chanwoo: We will work hard to show the best stage.
Jinhwan: We will work hard to make sure everyone gets to know our individual attractive points.
B.I: We will always emerge and give our best performances. Do look after us.
Bobby: Music has no boundaries. Lets surpass the language barrier and enjoy it together.
Junhoe: We will debut as soon as possible, do look after us. I love you.


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