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Q.1:¬†Please introduce this digital single. What kind of song is <I’m Different>?

Bobby:¬†It is a song which tells the story of 2 girls who say “I’m different from other girls” to the guy they like. This song especially reflects HI SUHYUN’s contrasting vocals colours blending in a combination of rap. It is a song prepared ambitiously by the maknaes of YG.

Q.5: This seems like Bobby’s first time working with these 2 female artists, how do you feel? What do you think are their individual charms?

Bobby: I feel really good. I prepared this happily with 2 beautiful girls as the only male member of iKON. In reality, HI SUHYUN have contrasting characters and personalities too. Lee Hi is chic and Soohyun is someone who is able to grab the attention of everyone with her aegyo. There is really no limit to their charms.

Q.7: Please let us know your future plans~

Bobby: Next week will be the start of our senior, BIGBANG’s Japanese Dome Tour. I feel really honoured that iKON will be the opening act. Along with the dome tour, I will be practicing, composing and writing lyrics for songs as we prepare for (iKON’s) debut. Please love HI SUHYUN <I’m Different>. Please also love and support iKON alot.

Trans: Bobbyupdates
Source: GENIE

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