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The people who were at the training center were ridiculously excited, and seeing the ahjummas at the convenience store where Double B had their escape, I had no idea who they were either. I and my friends began waiting at the convenience store at 10 in the morning, and as the day passed, the fans started to come in as well. All of them were Japanese fangirls, and we waited until around 2:30 PM when one of the Japanese fangirls held up her binoculars very nervously and looked towards a certain direction. Following her gaze, oh my god! It was Donghyuk! Our little cutie ㅠㅠ There were two Korean fans that were walking with him. When he walked over here, reading his lips it seemed like he was saying “rice”, his expression was so cute and his face was really red. It seems like those two Korean fans asked him what he ate.

When my friend tapped his shoulder, he turned around and stopped. I used my very poor Korean to ask him if Bobby will be coming out as well, and he very politely said that Bobby will be coming out in a few moments. He bowed to us, and of course, we did too. He was wearing a dark green sweater, an army cap, giving a very knightly feel >< I was so excited after talking to Donghyuk >< Somehow I started talking with an eonni that’s a Korean exchange student, and I heard (I don’t know if this is true or not) that the fans walking with him are sasaeng fans who were waiting for him outside of their dorms. Sometimes Hanbin and Junhwe will come out and hang out together.

As we were talking, Bobby came out! Bobby was wearing a snapback and those cheetah-print glasses that he always wore in the show. He had a lot of Korean fans by his side, at least 5, and he was holding a lot of gifts in both of his hands. At that time he was waiting to cross the street, and I yelled out “Happy birthday!” He heard it and bowed towards me >< When he was walking over, he paused for a few moments to get a better hold of his gifts >< I think a fan gave him candy that was wrapped in Keroro candy wrappers, he got very excited and said ‘Oh!’ A Japanese fan gave him a pop-up card, but because he was already holding so many gifts, he didn’t know how to accept it so he stuck out his tongue (T/N: He probably grabbed it with his mouth) >< And then it was my turn to give him my gifts, I just told him that I was a fan from Hong Kong and wished him a happy birthday. And then I followed him to the training center. He was wearing a pink backpack with cheetah print. Finally at the door, a Korean fan presented him with a small cake. There was a special candle on the cake, where it doesn’t go out no matter how much you blow. He tried blowing it out three times and it still didn’t work.

We went back to the convenience store to wait again, about fifteen to twenty minutes later, the eldest hyung came out ㅠㅠㅠ His height is really cute, he seems sort of dazed >< His hair grew out, so it’s longer now, it makes him look more mature but he still looks like the maknae. He had at least five fans around him. I told him I was a fan from Hong Kong and he nodded his head at me and asked me how I was doing. I saw some fans asked him for a handshake and I did too. He did it!!!! I was too moved ㅠㅠ Even though I was wearing gloves, I believe that his hands are very warm, I will never throw away my gloves!! I also saw a pimple on eldest hyung ㅋ

After waiting for another fifteen to twenty minutes, Yoonhyung also came out as well. He was wearing a really big black sweater and a blue and red snapback. After waiting for around half an hour, Yoonhyung came towards our group. He had so many fans around him. He’s really good-lucking. His skin is so nice, he looks exactly like he did on TV. Junhwe was the only person wearing a mask. He tied a white t-shirt around his waist, and it looked like he was wearing a dress ㅋ They had this aura of confidence around them as they walked. I couldn’t talk to them, because they had such a dominating presence. They were also always answering the Korean fans’ questions as well ㅠㅠ

The last one left was Hanbin, but even after waiting for another half hour, but sadly, he never showed up. We had to leave because we already had plans with someone else, so we never got to see Hanbin.


Source: Just Another BBOYS
Translated by ramyun @ YG Princes
Originally posted by YG Princes

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