[FANACC] Why I Love Team B :D

By: oti


The First interest…BOBBY cr.pic : Kim Jinwon.com

My first obsession was Bobby, I had not completed remember the members yet, only remembered the members that looks unique such as TaeHyun,Minho and Bobby. First time that I met Bobby, he walked out and my friend told me to looked at him and she called him sotfly “Bobby Bobby” and hide behind. But Bobby turned to us with his smile. He bowed to us, and nodded at us with his eyeless smile.(>__<)That makes me fall in love with him, I think “Who’s that? How cute he is!!”


I like him because of his sincerity and goodness…..JinHwan

cr.pic : shine like diamond

“I couldn’t remember him at first time, just going to YG builing on my freetimes and I heard some girls were screaming something. I went to see what’s going on. Suddenly I had eye contact with him and I talked to myself “Goodbye everyone”, lmao. JinHwan is always cute, too cute. He should stop cutie sometimes. He accepts all requests from fans, he always says “Oh,yes/ OK” and smile back to his fans, always say “yes”.  I once saw a fangirl asked him if he wanted candy or not. JinHwan opening his hand to get candy, he receieved and ate immediately!!!! =[]= (His character is being poisoned….Tumblr’s owner)

One time JinHwan want to open his bag, I volunteered to hold the bag “I’ll hold it” and he handed the bag to me. I thought I want him to be poisoned by candy, volunteer to hold pocket, and ran it,lol.

I like him the most when I wanted to give him a snack but he was blocked by his manager. JinHwan looked up to me, his height compared with his manager, lol. I also craned him and shout “Oppa, this!!!” He saw me and nodded at me. He came to me after the manager had gone. GOSHHHH! I wanna stuff him in the bag and go back home so much!!!”

Before I went back to my hometown (She’s foreigner), I wrote him a letter that I would come back home yesterdat but I missed the flight, as always, so sad. Missing you.I gave him after he finished the practicing aroung 6-7 am and I wonder if he would immediately open it when he returned to the dormitory. Would he read it or not? But I understand that he maybe too tired to do anything like this because he always practice until dawn. The next day I told him “Could you give me a birthday wish?” and he did. After that we walked together quietly and he asked “Will you go back home?, Have a safe journey home and be careful to miss a flight again.” ……OH! mommy, I don’t want to go back T^T

JinHwan is fond of flattery. I had told him that I came here because I wanna see his smile, that makes me happy at all. I told him that I liked his smile so much.The next day, I went to YG building and called him. He turned back and kept smiling, smiling, and smiling. He smile all time, really all time.Normally he’s a simple smile. But that day he keep smiling all time, even being reproached by staff, he still smile. lmao\

I had gave him a shirt and I saw him wore it (on other day). So I told my friend that shirt is mine!!! T_T I called him and pointed at the shirt and he smile back. Other fans called him and walked with him to the car. I stand with my friend and shout “JinHwannnnn” proudly, pointed at the shirt and thumbs up. He nodded at me and accept my action by raising his eyebrows. OHHH! My knees are weakened.


Silently face but good service…Hanbin


I once saw Hanbin closed the building’s door with his foot because his hands were full. He is a good fan service boy. I used to ask him a Hi-5 but he gave back hand shake instead. When fans start the conversation, he walked slower and always pay attention, so cute!!!! But I rarely talked to him because he always came out with JinHwan, after talking with JinHwan, everyone were disappeared. lol In the beginning I was afraid to talk with him, maybe because of his silently face. But I try to talk with him, he talked back to me. So I got that he is also nice. 😀


Original ver. in Thai language : [เรื่องเล่าจากแฟน] Why I Love Team B 😀
Trans Thai-Eng : Hanbin_Slave

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