[ENGTRANS] Hanlim Art School Mentioned About Team B

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Do you remember Team B from <Who is Next> program last year?

I was curious because for the meantime, there was no news about Team B whose fandom and popularity is equal to that of Team A who won on WIN. Fi!na!lly! It’s news about Team B appearing on YG Family concert~

Last April 12 & 13, Team B was seen performing collaboration stages with their seniors and ofcourse, they met WINNER on stage once again in Kyocera Dome, Japan and they showed a heartwarming collaboration this time being friends.

It’s very unusual for a team who hasn’t even debuted yet to perform on stage, but since WIN has gained much popularity in Japan, it became possible for them to perform.

Team B with member Song Yunhyeong who’s graduating this year, is their debut approaching? I’m looking forward until that day comes


Source: Hanlim Art School's Facebook
Eng-Trans by: Cathy

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