[ARTICLE] YG’s confidence “Debuted” WINNER vs “to debut” iKON

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Winner and iKON started out as WIN Team A and Team B. Winner who debuted in 2014 have set the records of numerous music rewards and “All-Kill” on all music charts. And now iKON is vigorously battling their way to debut in 2015. Yang Hyung Seok who produced both teams say with confidence that WINNER and iKON are very different to each other.

In a private interview with TV Report after Taeyang’s Solo COncert on the 12th, YG said iKON and WINNER are two very different groups. WINNER is a group that will not stick on one style of music whereas iKON will focus more on hip hop. So iKON’s color may seem more strong than WINNER as of now.

He added, “I don’t worry about the two teams because their fundamental style of different. The style they pursue doesn’t overlap with each other so even if they are promoted at the same time, it won’t matter. Winner will show everything encompassing all sorts of genre and iKON will show various concepts with their base in hip hop.”

To a question about WINNER who have recently finished their Japan Tour, YG said “I didn’t produce WINNER to let them reach a certain standard. It is only their beginning. I didn’t debut them by just thinking about the national music industry. They are not a group who will be limited by anything. What they showed is only 1/10 of what they actually have. This is only their first album and they have so much more to show.”

All he said, about iKON, that “They are in the midst of a survival. I know that many people are anticipating them from when they were TEAM B. I think the new members are doing well with the lead of the original members. “To be honest, I don’t know much iKON will grow but i expect that they will show everything that they can, inside the genre of hip hop,” YG said.

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