[ARTICLE] iKON Will Target The Chinese Market Once They Debut

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“iKON will target the Chinese market right after their debut,” YG confidence.

YG Entertainment’s new upcoming boy band, iKON, who have been confirmed to debut in January 2015 is planning to target the Chinese market.

On 22nd at 8pm, survival show, Mix and Match held its final match at Seoul Anam-Dong Korea University Hwajung Gym. The ticket even which was held for 6 days had over 150000 people applying which reflects the popularity and the attention iKON is already receiving.

YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyung Suk, commented about this in an interview with TV Report on 25th saying “The response towards iKON is phenomenal. And this applies not only withing the country but worldwide. Their popularity is especially high in China. This is why we’re planning to have their promotion in China after their debut.”

iKON had their fanmeeting in Poly Theater in Beijing, China on 11th. This fanmeeting had over 80000 people apply and it featured Kim Jinhwan, B.I, Bobby and more members who received a very big welcome. Their popularity was so high that it freezed the airport as soon as they entered the country.


Regarding this issue, Yang Hyung Suk said “Bigbang promoted a lot in Japan which allowed them to successfully hold DOME Tour with 800000 people. This is phenomenal result. If Bigbang targeted japan for their promotion, for iKON, that would be China. I have once again confirmed their popularity and fandom in China.”

Would the preparation for a debut album for Korea and China be realistically possible when they only have 2 months left until their confirmed debut date, January 2015?

“iKON’s leader, B.I, has been preparing a lot of songs already which means album release in early next year is very possible. Not many artists from YG promoted in China properly but with iKON, we will be promoting them properly and enthusiastically in China. iKON members has been learning Japanese along with Winner so they can communicate well. From now on, they will be studying Chinese until their debut so their promotion will run smoothly.”


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