[ARTICLE] Bobby shows concern over the health of fellow ‘MIX & MATCH’ trainee Jung Chan Woo

By: oti

On the October 9 installment of Mnet’s ‘MIX & MATCH,’ there was a sweet moment between Bobby and fellow YG trainee, Jung Chan Woo, who seemed very burdened while preparing for their collaboration stage. It appeared that getting good comments so far was making him feel even more burdened.

He was putting too much strain on his body, but did not show any signs of his struggle and continued practicing. However, his complexion was not good, so Bobby took Jung Chan Woo to the hospital where they discovered he was having a hard time from overworking and from a cold and flu.

Bobby said to Jung Chan Woo, “If you’re sick, it’d be really sad… Go home and rest,” showing his concern.

 credit & source: allkpop 

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