[ARTICLE] 140903 “MIX & MATCH”’s YANG HYUN SUK Says, “Two Failed Candidates Will Not Be Able to Debut through YG”

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[TV리포트=김가영 기자] YG Entertainment’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK explained about the future of failed candidates of “MIX & MATCH”.

A press meeting of Mnet’s “MIX & MATCH” was held on the 2 this month at Grand Ballroom of Conrad Hotel located in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. YANG HYUN SUK attended the meeting to explain about the survival audition.

At the meeting, YANG was asked about the future of two candidates who will not win “MIX & MATCH”’s survival. YANG explained, “I think many people are curious about that. Actually, I’m not sure. I guess they will not be able to debut through YG Entertainment”.

“MIX & MATCH” is a survival audition program in which candidates compete to be the member of YG’s new boy group by mixing and matching their talents, charms, and characters to the best. Total nine candidates including the members of Team B of 2013’s YG survival show “WHO IS NEXT: WIN” (B.I, BOBBY, KIM JIN HWAN, SONG YUN HYEONG, KOO JUN HOE, and KIM DONG HYUK), as well as three new YG trainees (JUNG JINHYEONG, JUNG CHANWOO, and YANG HONGSEOK) will appear in “MIX & MATCH”.

2014. 9. 3.

 source: YG LIFE 

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