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Exclusive interview of IKON (2)

Rapper Bobby, vocalist YunHyeong and maknae Chan Woo participated in this interview.

1) Why did you decide to join the YG auditions?
BOBBY (BB): Since young, I’ve always liked hip hop. It was my brother’s good friend who suggested that I go for the audition.
YUNHYEONG (YH): I was in high school when I knew about the auditions. I wanted to try new things, so I went for it.
CHANWOO (CW): My friend and I agreed to try out for the auditions together.

2) How did you prepare yourself for the auditions?
BB: I didn’t make any special preparations for it. I focused on the rap style that I like, made slight amendments, and went in to audition.
YH: I like singing, so I prepared some of my favourite songs.
CW: It was a sudden decision to go for the auditions, so I prepared the song, dance and acting segment that I practised the day before.

3) What did you do during your YG audition?
BB: I rapped for the most part, and I danced too. It was a super lousy dance ha ha ha~
YH: I sang two songs and performed two choreographies that I learnt in school. But after hearing the judges’s comments, I don’t think I will dance in front of President Yang anymore. (Ha ha ha…)
CW: I sang Kim Dong Ryul’s “Shall I Love You Again?”. My dance audition was a piece by Nick Bass, and I acted out a scene from the movie “Marine Boy”.

4) What did you think of the judges’s reactions?
BB: I never thought I would pass the auditions, but the judges were smiling at me so I felt that it went well. Ha ha ha~
YH: I did not think I would pass the auditions at all. Most of those who were auditioning were singers, but I was a student from an acting school.
CW: The judges didn’t have any expression on their faces, and I didn’t dare think about passing the auditions after seeing their indifference.

5) What were you thinking after the auditions?
BB: “I need to go back to school to complete my homework.”
YH: “Others only sang one song, but I sang two.” I felt pretty great!
CW: “I need to work even harder from today onwards to become a singer in YG!”

6) What do you think is the most important factor that YG looks at when choosing their trainees?
BB: I think it’s talent and confidence.
YH: On top of that, I believe that you need to have a serious attitude towards your work.
CW: I think you definitely need to show that you’re confident, and you need to be able to pull off the unique style that YG has.

7) Were there anything memorable (e.g. comments, moments) that you got from the judges?
BB: “Try something else. Something else. Something else.”
YH: What was memorable for me was that the judges seemed to know that I was Sent from my iPhone
CW: The judges like enthusiastic, polite and cheerful candidates.

8) Do you have any tips concerning “Do”s and “Don’t”s for the YG auditions?
BB: “Don’t show your nervousness, and think of the audition stage as your main stage.” Ha, isn’t that cool?
YH: Do be polite, and greet all the judges.
CW: Believe in yourself, be confident, and try not to sing slow songs, which was what I did.

9) When you received the results of the auditions, how did you and the people around you react?
BB: “Is this a prank call?”
YH: I received the results within two days. I was very shocked but really happy too.
CW: I didn’t dare to believe it at first. I relayed the news to my parents and friends.

10) Why did you choose YG among all the other entertainment agencies? And what are some benefits of being a YG trainee?
BB: YG has a really strong hip hop culture! And they happened to hold audition in New York. We get 24-hour access to the practice studio, and we have good food too.
YH: YG focuses on developing their trainees well instead of only focusing on superficial elements. YG provides a training studio and food to all their trainees.
CW: Being a trainee here gives me the opportunity to practise and grow. I find that I may not get that elsewhere.

Interview Translated from iKONQUER’s Chinese Translated Version.

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